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Peking Express PE1 RAI2 Film Shooting Completed

Peking Express is a successful adventure reality television show produced all over the world. It is a television documentary about a journey in 10 stages through 3 countries: India, Nepal and China. In this program 10 Italian Celebrities started their trip in Haridwar (India) on a hitchhike journey along the trail of the Peking Express from India, Nepal and to Peking (Beijing).
A team of 70 members - film crew, contestants and technicians from Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, completed the documentary film Peking Express PE1 RAI2 for an Italian Television RAI2.
There were around 81 Nepali helpers including Local Production Assistants, Drivers and support staffs from Asian Trekking to assist the team. For logistics 31 vehicles were used including 1 big truck and 1 helicopter for the 2 episodes in Nepal.
Lumbini gardenIn the premises of Lumbini (Birth place of Lord Boudha) Garden, Nepal Lumbini garden

In every episode the couples hitchhike from on city to another: this journey takes them an average of three days. The participants count on the hospitality of the local population to find a sleeping place. Camera crews record their experiences and the encounters with their guest families.
Furthermore the participants face a number of challenges on the road: culturally relevant of adventurous challenges. These tests keep the suspense in the program and give opportunity to introduce regional elements as well as the beautiful surroundings in the program. Every third day the participants check in at a typical location in a bigger town where the host awaits them.
This program shows more that 7000 kilometres of breathtaking landscapes, colorful cultures and local hospitality to the spectators. The personal experiences of the participants offer a beautiful and surprising portrait of the visited areas and its population. The focus of the cameras is on the personal adventures of the competitors, the epic landscapes and the local cultures.
Asian Trekking family is very pleased and honored to be part of this event. Previously Asian Trekking also provided logistical services and support for Peking Express 1 in 2004, Peking Express for French television M6 in 2006, Peking Express Quatro in 2009. It was a Herculean task of organizing all logistics and administrative supports and we strongly believe that this documentary film will help to promote Tourism in the region.
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