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Around Manaslu Trek

Two memebers, Mr. Gorka Gabina and Ms. Naroa Gaintza are on Around Manaslu trek from 24 March 2016 with the guide Mr. Ngima Sherpa.

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Around Manaslu Tea House Trek - 2016

A team of 5 Belgian citizens completed the Around Manaslu Trek from 1st March to 15th March 2016. The team of Stefan Maria Jozef Vanoutrive, Marc Oscar M. Van Den Abeele, Eddy Cyriel C. Waermoes, Dirk Frank R. Vandenvelde and Albert Anna M. Grimon was guided by C.K Tamang.

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NMA/CAHC at Paris Climate Conference 2015 - COP21

Many of you might already be following the events of the Paris Climate Conference also known as the COP21. This annual conference is the gathering of the world’s leaders and experts on climate change to set national and global goals to solve climate change.

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Mountain Rescue in Nepal; Development Project

Nepal is a beautiful Himalayan country situated between two large countries: China and India. Nepal covers the total area of 147,181sq.km. It is a country with extreme ranges in elevation with the lowest point being 67m above sea level to the highest reaching 8,848m, also known as the summit of world’s tallest peak

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Seminar on Mountain Tourism Safety Press Release

In an effort to address the current state of safety conditions in Nepal, Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) organized a seminar on Mountain Tourism Safety yesterday on July 15, 2015 with the support of New Zealand High Commission, SAMARTH and UKAID.

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