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Dawa Steven Sherpa is the CEO of Asian Trekking. Aside from being the proud son to the family business, Dawa is the most qualified man for the job, with an extensive resume of climbing and trekking to his name. Dawa is an avid climber, having ascended Mt. Everest three times as well as four other 8000m peaks and many other smaller peaks. He knows these mountains having trekked 1555km, the entire length of the Nepal Himalaya, along the Great Himalayan Trail (GHT), in 99 days. Dawa also has the unique accolade of setting up the world’s highest bakery at Everest Base Camp (5330m/ 17,500ft).

Under Dawa Steven’s leadership, more than 150 climbers from 18 different nations have summited Mt. Everest. Since 2008 he has been running Eco Everest Expeditions. On these expeditions he has pioneered environmental practices to make Himalayan expeditions cleaner, collecting 15,000 kgs of garbage from the slopes of Mt. Everest.

Dawa’s environmental and conservation efforts have been globally recognized by many international agencies including the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the International Olympic Committee, from whom he has received a number of prestigious awards. He is also a climate change ambassador for WWF and patron of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Nepal.

Dawa’s father is Ang Tschering Sherpa, founder of Asian Trekking and his mother is from Belgium. Dawa grew up in Nepal with an international influence, speaking five languages. He has been at the helm of Asian Trekking since 2007.


Manaing Director

Asian Trekking (p) Ltd.

From 16 July 2007 till present.

Himalayan Chain Resorts

From 16th July 2007 till present.

Hotel Mount Monastery

From 15th July 2008 till present.

Astrek Climbing Wall

From 1st August 2008 till present.

Top Out Nepal Pvt.Ltd.

From 15th January 2013 till present.


Mulchowk Restaurant Pvt.Ltd.

June 2012 till present.

Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI)

2011 till present.

Membership & Patronage

Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Nepal

Board Member, Expedition Operators Association-Nepal

Member, Climate Change Council to the Prime Minister,Government of Nepal

Mountain Protected Areas Network,International Mountaineering & Climbing Federation (UIAA)

World Commission on Protected Areas-International Union for Conservation of Nature(IUCN)

Dawa’s environmental and conservation work has been recognized and awarded by IUCN, WWF and International Olympic Committee, amongst others.


Dawa Steven’s efforts in the field of environmental conservation have been recognized by: World Wildlife Fund (WWF), The Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation of Canada, the International Mountaineering & Climbing Federation (UIAA), and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Leaders For A Living Planet

WWF International felicitated Dawa with “Leaders for a Living Planet” Award, the highest honors given to an individual by WWF, for his dynamic leadership and personal drive in helping people throughout the world to realize the perils faced by the people of the Himalayas as a result of climate change. Dawa Steven Sherpa is also a World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Climate Ambassador.

UIAA Award

The UIAA has presented him with the Award for Contributions to UIAA for efforts to promote conservation ethics in the mountains and to draw international attention to climate change and its effects in the Khumbu and other mountain communities.

International Olympic Committee Award For Sports And Environment

The International Olympic Committee presented him the International Olympic Committee Award for Sports and Environment” for his contributions in the field of environment. The prize is meant to acknowledge the dedication and commitment of individuals for their efforts to introduce good environmental practices into a sport of their choice. The award recognizes outstanding projects in the field of sustainable sport and the environment. The IOC believes that the work done by Dawa Steven Sherpa, before, during and after his Eco Everest Expeditions is worth international recognition.

Special Achievement Award

Dawa Steven has also been awarded with the prestigious Special Achievement Award from the Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation of Canada for his double summit of Everest (8848m) and Lhotse (8516m) and for his Environmental initiatives in the spring of 2008.

Young Conservationists

The IUCN, World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) and the International Rangers Federation (IRF) selected Dawa Steven Sherpa as one of the Top Five Young Conservationists in the world for 2008.

WWF International President’s Award

The first ever WWF International President’s Award (2012). The award recognizes the achievements of exceptional young people in the field of conservation who use innovative approaches to improve the lives of local communities.

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