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For over 40 years we have organizes expeditions for individual clients from all over the world and for organization, companies, institutions, and military units. We are trusted by:

  • The Royal Air Force,
  • The British Army,
  • The Royal Navy,
  • The Royal Marines,
  • Indian Army Special Frontier Force,
  • Indian Border Security Force,
  • Indonesian Army,
  • Indo Tibet Border Police,
  • TATA Steel Adventure Foundation,
  • Himalayan Mountaineering Institute – India,
  • United Nations World Food Program,
  • Nehru Institute of Mountaineering – India,
  • Jawahar Institute of Mountaineering and Winter Sports – India,
  • Pandengyu Mountaineering Institution – China
  • National Geographic,
  • CNN,



1.This letter of appreciation is presented to M/S Asian Trekking Pvt. Ltd (Nepal) for the organisational and logistics services provided to the Indian Army (Special Frontier Force) Snow Lion expedition on Mount Everest Expedition in the spring of 2019. As the handling agency, Asian Trekking not only fulfilled every aspect of their responsibilities impeccably, but on many occasions surpassed our expeditions.

2.Special Frontier Force is proud to note that the team achieved 100% success as all fourteen climbing members summitted and scaled the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest (8848m). It is with pride that we would like to note that Special Frontier Force was the only team in 2019 to achieve 100% success and moreover, with no incidence, injuries or accidents.




This letter of appreciation is presented to M/S Asian Trekking Pvt. Ltd (Nepal) for the excellent organizational support and professional logistical services provided to the Border Security Force (BSF) Mt. Everest Expedition 2018, which brought glory to the Force.

BSF is proud to place on record that all 15 out of 15 climbing members successfully scaled World’s highest mountain Mt Everest (8848mtr), and became the largest team ever to have 100% success rate. It is indeed a matter of great pride that Padma Shri Loverah Singh Dharmshaktu, AC and leader of the expedition became the 1st Indian to scale Mt. Everest seven times.

(KK Sharma)

2019 Indian Border Security Force recomendation

I strongly recommend you engage Asian Trekking to plan your trek in Nepal. I have used Asian Trekking on all my treks and mountain climbs in Nepal. This includes 6 trips up Everest, 4 trips up Burke Khang (the Himalaya mountain named after me) and a family trek to Everest Base Camp. Briefly, here are three reasons to retain Asian Trekking. First, Asian Trekking is meticulous in its planning and client care. Nothing is left to chance. And, they retain the best Sherpas for their clients. Second, Asian Trekking is a Nepalese family-owned company based in Kathmandu, so you are supporting a local company and the local economy. This has always been a priority for me. If you have any need for additional support, all it takes is a call to Dawa Steven at Asian Trekking and the support will arrive immediately. For example, on one of my Everest climbs, my backpack ripped. I called Asian Trekking and a new backpack arrived the next day. Third, Asian Trekking is the most highly respected trekking company in Nepal, and its owners have deep ties in Nepal. Ang Tshering (Dawa’s Dad) established Asian Trekking and was the President of the Nepal Mountaineering Association for many years. Ang Tshering and Dawa Steven can tap all of the resources you will need for your trek. For example, on one of my Burke Khang expeditions, we needed extensive helicopter support to ferry persons and supplies to and from Base Camp. Dawa Steven was able to marshal those resources easily because he knows all of the chopper companies that operate in the mountains of Nepal.

Bill Burke,

Oldest Person to summit both sides of Mt. Everest

Costa Mesa, USA

I am writing to say a huge thank you to Kathmandu and Khumjung’s superb Asian Trekking Team.

We are a team of 21 from the UK who have just returned home after a fantastic trek in the Khumbu and Gokyo regions. Our Team; ‘Resilience 2022’ consisted of a group of great friends – including a trekker who had suffered a stroke, and another – a triple-amputee. Having worked extensively with Asian Trekking in the past – we asked for close support in our planning and for experienced and sensitive Guides throughout our 2 weeks adventure. We were not disappointed! From the early conversations with Dawa Steven and Amar Pradhan – through to the intimate connection with Lhakpa Nuru and his Assistant Guides in the mountains; we received the very best of service. Of particular note I would like to highlight the special relationship that runs through’ the team of Asian Trekking and the people of the Khumbu and Gokyo valleys. Our Guide, Lhakpa Nuru, and his 4 Assistants are local men. Between them they have led hundreds of treks – and summited Everest in excess of 20 times. We benefited hugely from their local relationships and knowledge – receiving a 5-star reception at every lodge and teahouse that we visited.

Asian Trekking also aided us hugely with our charitable efforts this year. We have furthered our relationship with the Sir Edmund Hillary School in Khumjung (carrying IT equipment in this year) and we managed to support the CDCA (disabled children’s charity) in Kathmandu too.  We will be back!!

Huge thanks from Paul Mattin, the ‘Resilience 2022’ team and Wilderness Solutions UK.


To Whom It May Concern

I am writing this letter to you as a recommendation for the services provided by Asian Trekking Pvt. Ltd. We have partnered with Asian Trekking to execute Bally’s Peak Outlook campaign – preserving the Worlds Mountains, starting with a cleanup initiative on Mt. Everest. Asian Trekking executed the clean up and arranged the logistics and manpower to support the campaign, including  providing services to our special guests and Bally representatives during their Everest Base Camp visit to oversee the initiative first hand.

Our guests and Bally representatives were impressed by the outstanding care and bespoke services provided by Asian Trekking, especially the staff who served the needs and wishes of our guests enthusiastically, as well as providing valuable insights and recommendations as long time experts in the field.

I would like you to consider Asian Trekking Pvt. Ltd for your travel needs in Nepal. We have had a great experience with them and can happily recommend their services.


Monica Cuellar Mauri, Global Communications Director

2019 Bally recommendation AT

Dearest Asian Trekking Team, Namaste!!!

I’m so sorry for the delay in sending this email – but I have been in Italy on a busy schedule – and am only now ‘wrapping-up’ my expedition.
Wilderness Solutions had a fantastic expedition with you this October! It really was ‘top-notch’ – and I cannot thank you all enough for the quality of service that we received throughout the planning and expedition! I am so glad that we worked together again.
The 2 Teams were I think ‘changed forever’ by their experience in Nepal. The mountains and the people – particularly those of Asian Trekking made the trip so incredibly special. We were blessed by some quite amazing weather conditions – that enabled us to see the very best of the Khumbu Valley. We so enjoyed playing Rugby with the children in Khumjung – and we also managed to raise some monies for a British Children’s Charity too.
Thank you so much Amar for your attention to detail throughout the planning. Your response was also quick and accurate.
Thank you Lhakpa for your amazing support and patience in the Khumbu.
Dawa Steven and Dawa Sherpa – thank you for all your guidance.
Take Care, and let’s keep talking!

-Paul Mattin

Hello Mr. Ang Tshering!

As a member of Austrian Mt. Annapurna IV (7525m) Expedition i want to give some facts for your information. After trekking from Jomosom to Manang we reached base camp on 13.Oct. We started to explore, debouch and ensure with ropes the way up to camp 1 (5.500m) and camp 2 (6200m). On 20. and 21. Oct. we had two days with snowfall. A team of 3 members, staying at camp 1 during this time, tried to ascent higher from there. Because of too much snow and obviously danger of avalanche, they were forced to resign and descend to base camp. On 24. Oct. a small team together with the two climbing sherpas started a new attempt of ascent. Because of the unchanged situation (deep snow and dangerous) they had to turn back betweencamp 1 and camp 2. We had to realize, that it would be impossible to reach summit during the 3 or 4 remaining days and canceled.Nevertheless we can confirm best service to ASIAN TREKKING and recommend this agency. Many thanks and greetings from Austria. – Rudolf Leeb

– Rudolf and Renate Leeb

We have been filming in the Himalaya for over 20 years and demand the best. The team at Asian trekking delivered. From efficient logistics to on ground support the organization was superb. They understood the complexity of our requirements and worked effectively to overcome all the issues allowing us to do the job we had come to do.

– Gerry Moffatt
National Geographic Expedition leader

“Asian Trekking made our expedition hassle free. They were extremely helpful and friendly and went out of their way to make our experience in the Himalaya an adventure to remember!”

– Rob Frost
Leader of the Exp.Ueli Steck of Switzerland

After much research, I had chosen Asian Trekking for my expedition to Mount Everest. It had to be perfect and I needed the guidance and support of a real team. Even though I joined in at the last moment ,i found everything. Not only did this expedition give me a view from the summit of Everest but the confidence,intelligence and the motivation to plan and execute my next expeditions. Whatever I climbed after Everest, even if it was harder, Everest remains the best thing I ever did in my life and everyone at Asian Ttrekking keeps that relation and makes the memory prettier as the years pass by.

– Krushnaa Patil
Krushnaa Patil Youngest person from Maharashtra (India) to Summit Mt. Everest, India

I have been more than pleased with the services Asian Trekking has given me over the last 3 years. You, and all of the personnel at AT, have been wonderful to deal with. You are all easy to reach and very responsible to my request for information and assistance. I never have trouble reaching AT or obtaining prompt answers, which is very important given my residence in the United States.
Your contacts with mountaineering associations and local government agencies that regulate and permit treks and climbs has been a big factor in making my expeditions so satisfactory and enjoyable. The permit from CTMA related to the 2011 expedition is just one example. Mingma, my Sherpa for the last three years, is first rate and has become a close friend.

Keep up the good work. See you.

-Willian M. Burke

We were very happy with the way it all worked: you sorted the logistics out superbly, and were very understanding and patient with all our demands. The bosses here were delighted with the results on air, and CNN, who used all our pieces, were very impressed. Our editor loved the icefall package. We couldn’t have done any of it without you and your guys.

– John Angier

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