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Skydiving in Nepal!

Asian Trekking, through our sister company Skydive Nepal is pioneering Skydiving in Nepal. We offer exciting packages such the Everest Skydive Trip and Bespoke Himalayan Skydiving Expeditions in remote and unconventional drop zones. Our packages are available for expert skydivers, looking for a Solo Jump, or enthusiastic novices looking to do their first tandem skydive in the Himalaya.

Imagine, strapping on a parachute and turning your oxygen mask to full flow. As you climb into the Eurocopter AS350 helicopter with your heart pounding and butterflies fluttering in your stomach, you think to yourself “why did I think this would be fun?’

Over the next 15 minutes your chopper flies in massive loops, climbing higher and higher, so close to the peaks of the highest mountains in the world that you think you could reach out and touch them. You are at once mesmerized by their beauty and terrified by their scale. You have never felt this before. Then with three minutes out, the pilot straightens out the flight path onto the “jump-run” and the vast valley below you opens up. With one minute out, the pilot gives you the signal to open the sliding door and instantly the cold Himalayan air fills the cabin. The Jumpmaster spots the drop-zone 10,000 feet below and you both carefully exit the chopper and stand on its skids.

3…2…1…JUMP, the roar of the wind rushing past your body is deafening, your oxygen mask whistles in excitement, and your eyes open wide, struggling to capture all that you see around you. As gravity pulls you down at a 50m every second, you realise that you are not only speeding to the ground but that the ground is rushing past you too. On all side as you’re flanked by Everest, Lhotse, Amadablam, Thamserku and countless other peaks over 20,000ft; this thrill is like no other you have ever had. Even the most elite skydivers have have never had this experience.

After 30 seconds, your parachute abruptly unfolds opens and you find yourself floating silently along the serene mountains as the gentle breeze pushes you lazily to the landing zone. You swoop on to the grassy field of Shyangboche airstrip and think to yourself “thats why I thought this would be fun!”

Skydiving in Nepal is undoubtedly “the Mt. Everest of all Aerial Sports.”

Everest Skydive Trip

Our Everest Skydive trip runs twice a year, in March and in October, from our Shyangboche Dropzone. These months are known to have the clearest skies and lowest wind speeds. Our jump vehicles are Airbus As350 B3 helicopters and the most experienced mountain pilots of Nepal. The  jump altitudes vary from 6,000t to 10,000ft above ground level. Accompanying you on the jump will be a jumpmaster and a tandem instructor if you are a novice. We can also provide a jump cameraman at an additional charge. After all, the trip may only be a few days, but the memories of your Himalayan skydive will last a lifetime.

The trip starts in Kathmandu, from where you will take a flight to the infamous Lukla airport. Perched on a slope plataue above a cliff face on one end of the run way and mountain on the other end, flying into Lukla airport is itself an experience  of a lifetime. From Lukla, our jumpers will take a two day hike through the beautiful river valley, up to Namche Bazaar which is the capital of the Sherpa homeland.

The Skydive Nepal dropzone, Shyangboche airstrip, is located an hour hike up from Namche Bazaar. The airstrip was built in the 80s by a Japanese hotelier to allow guests to fly in by single propeller aircraft. Today the single prop planes are gone but the airstrip remains and it’s proved to be the most spectacular drop zone in the world. Our trip incorporates an additional night in Namche for acclimatization, providing us with ample time for drop zone familiarization and pre-jump orientation.

Skydiving in the Himalaya is a unique challenge but the risk is mitigated with our team of expert jump masters, tandem instructors, DZ safety officers, pilots, medic and ground crew. Before each Skydive in Nepal, a thorough briefing and familiarization of the DZ is provided. Our jumpmaster and tandem instructors will go over all the procedures and safety precautions before you strap into your parachutes.

You will each have 3 jumps here as standard, and more jumps on request. Furthermore, once the Everest Skydive jumps are completed, you have the option to extend the trip and partake in  the world famous trek to Everest Base Camp.

Skydiving – this trip in Nepal is for you if:

1.     You’re looking for an experience of a lifetime.
2.     You want to skydive in the shodow of Mt. Everest.
3.     You want to have an extreme adventure during the day but a cosy hotel room at night.
4.     You want to join a small elite club of jumpers who landed above 10,000ft in a parachute.
5.     Try your first oxygen jump.

Bespoke Himalayan Skydive Expedition

Skydive Nepal Pvt. Ltd., with its strong background in mountaineering and logistics through our sister company Asian Trekking, is also able craft a bespoke expedition for a private team. We can provide a skydive trip anywhere in Nepal, whether it’s on a remote mountain pass, the Tibetan plateau or a clearing in one of Nepal’s subtropical forests. Let us know your requirements and we’ll make all the arrangement.

We can also consult you on the possibilities if you need some ideas. Do you need a professional filming crew? Do you want to climb a mountain after landing on its flanks? Do you want to bring your family and friends and camp at 20,000ft on oxygen? Everything is bespoke on this trip so you can request us for anything and we will make it happen.

This trip is for you if:
1.     Do something unique and extraordinary.
2.     Have the pioneering spirit.
3.     Are equally comfortable in lodges and tents.

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