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This trip is one of the most spectacular alternate routes in the Everest region and much less trodden than the route to Base Camp. You will have an opportunity to really see Sherpa village life along with the fabulous views of the highest peak in the world! In addition to breathtaking mountain views, mountain lakes, valleys and the Ngazumpa glacier all add to make this a scenic adventure!

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Asian Trekking is a Nepali expedition operating company established 41 years ago. According to Paragraph 26 of the Tourism Act (2035), no foreign expedition teams or companies are allowed to provide expedition services in Nepal directly and any foreign company must work through a Nepali company licensed by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Government of Nepal. As such, Nepali companies are the ones that provide all the legal, administrative, logistical, guiding and support services in Nepal, while also being legally responsible for the safe and responsible conduct of the expeditions. Booking through foreign expedition companies naturally makes the cost to the customer higher due to the extra layer of administration and profit margins, without necessarily adding any extra value

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