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Mount Cho Oyu

Behind the mountain’s name there is a beautiful meaning – The Turquoise Goddess, or the Goddess of Turquoise, owing to its colours in the setting sun. The peak offers views which are equally splendid as the name, standing on the border of Nepal and Tibet. It has Mount Everest as its neighbour, several dozen kilometres to the east. Cho Oyu’s summit was first reached in 1954 and since then it has delighted mountaineers from all over the world.

At 8201 metres, Cho Oyu is the 6th highest mountain in the world and one of the most popular entrances into the realm of the 8,000-metre mountains. For a mountain of such altitude, it poses a moderately demanding challenge. This makes it the second most climbed eight-thousander in the world, giving ground only to Mount Everest. Climbers are also encouraged by the fact that most attempts end in reaching the summit of Cho Oyu. In fact, it has the highest success rate of all the 8,000-metre peaks.

The Cho Oyu Expedition is technically easier than the other 8,000-metre mountains and is thus a good stepping stone to prepare oneself for the serious high altitude demands of Everest or the more technical 8,000-metre mountains.

Climbing Cho Oyu

The Cho Oyu Expedition lasts about 10 weeks, starting and ending in Kathmandu. Since Mount Cho Oyu is situated between Nepal and Tibet, the Cho Oyu Expedition starts in Kathmandu with days allocated for the necessary paperwork and permits before heading into Tibet. The journey to Cho Oyu base camp can be done either via flights to Lhasa or via land through Rasuwagadhi border. The climbing party will have a few days to acclimatize before driving to the Cho Oyu base camp, and a day of acclimatization at the camp itself.

Expedition characteristics

The Cho Oyu Expedition consists of very short but scenic treks to Cho Oyu basecamp, intermediate and advanced camp followed by 3 climbing camps  that feature very limited and short steep and technical sections making it perfect to get used to the demands on extremely high altitude awaiting the mountaineers on summit day. The avalanche risk on the route is minimal.

The summit itself is a broad plateau and it offers stunning views of the neighbouring peaks, such as Mount Lhotse, Mount Nuptse or the ever-fascinating Mount Everest. In addition, the easier nature of the climb coupled with the time allocated on the mountain ensures more successful ascents on the mountain. For a specific plan of the expedition, see the detailed itinerary below.

Your Asian Trekking mountain guides for expedition

Organizing mountaineering expeditions since 1982, we have experience to make you feel safe. Each team is assigned seasoned climbing Sherpas, who will help the team with setting up camps and carrying load. The Sherpas provide excellent assistance in the climb, as well as the summit attempt. Many Asian Trekking employees come from the region, so you can be sure they know the routes and conditions inside out.

We care about the mountaineering parties’ team members as much as about the mighty mountains they climb. Striving to save the invaluable nature of the Himalayas, we realize projects raising awareness about climate change and environment protection. We are not afraid to get our hands dirty, too, having collected tons of rubbish from the Himalayan slopes throughout several years. We trust that the mountains’ well-being is of importance to you, and you can fully trust us in this respect.

Who can climb Cho Oyu?

To attempt at reaching the summit of Cho Oyu, good physical condition and stamina are required. You need to be healthy and fit enough to be able to walk for several hours straight. Generally, while climbing Cho Oyu, be prepared to trek for as long as 8 hours continuously on consecutive days. As for the terrain expectations, Cho Oyu is vastly covered in glaciated and snow slopes. Despite its easy access and moderate technical difficulty level, the conditions are those of high-altitude mountains and should be taken seriously. Technical mountaineering gear is a must.


The mountain

  • Mount Cho Oyu is the safest of all the eight-thousanders
  • It is 8,201 metres high
  • It is the 6th highest mountain in the world
  • It has high ascent success rate and practically no objective risks

The Cho Oyu Expedition

  • Trip time: around 10 weeks
  • Includes time for visa processing before entering Tibet
  • South West climbing route
  • Features fairly short treks to: base camp, intermediate and advanced camps, three climbing camps
  • Minimal danger occurrence possibilities
  • Moderate technical difficulties on the ascent
  • Experienced Sherpas guiding the climbing party

Why climb Cho Oyu?

  • A perfect starting point to begin 8,000m-plus climbing
  • An excellent combination of moderate technical difficulty and great altitude
  • Stunning views on the Himalayas, including Everest
  • Well-organized trip with Asian Trekking with the highest safety standards and environmentally friendly attitude

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