Congratulations !!! International Everest Expedition (Tibet Side) – Spring 2013


International Everest Expedition (Tibet Side) – Spring 2013


Monday, 20th May 2013:

Asian Trekking’s International Everest Expedition member Yoshiharu Nakamura of Japan and climbing sherpa Gyaluk Sherpa left Camp 3 (8300m) last night at 9 pm and reached the top of Mt. Everest this morning at 7:25 am and now they descent to Camp 3. Their health conditions are good.

Asian Trekking family extends our hearty congratulations to them and wishes for safe descent.


Sunday, 19th May 2013:

Mr. David Liano Gonzalez, 33 years living in Mexico became the first person to double summit Mt. Everest in one climbing season. The summit from North Side is his fifth summit on Mt. Everest. Here is a brief description of David’s summit detail and his travel from South side to North Side.

11th May 2013 – Summit of Mt. Everest from South Side with Climbing Sherpa Samden Bhote at 08:05 am Nepal Time

12th May 2013 – Camp II – Base Camp – Kathmandu by Helicopter

13th May 2013 – Kathmandu – Friendship Bridge (Boarder of Nepal and China) – Everest North Side Base Camp (5200m)

14th May 2013 – Base Camp – Advance Base Camp (6400m)

15th May 2013- Rest Day

16th May 19 2013 – North Col (7100m)

17th May 2013 – Camp II (7700m)

18th May 2013 – Camp III (8300m)

19th May 2013 – Summit of Mt. Everest from North Side at 04:35 am Nepal Time with Climbing Sirdar Mingma Sherpa


David Liano on Everest Summit

Similarly John Tsang of Hong Kong and Pasang Dawa Sherpa also summited at 4:45 am

Asian Trekking family extends hearty congratulatios to them and wishes for the safe descent.

Meanwhile, Yoshiharu and Gyaluk Sherpa reached Camp 3.

Saturday, 18th May 2013:

Asian Trekking’s International Everest Expedition 2013 members and sherpas David Liano, John Tsang, Sirdar Mingma Sherpa and Pasang Dawa Sherpa are at Camp 3 (8300m) and are leaving at 11 pm tonight for summit. If David Liano summits from North side (Tibet) he will be the first person to summit both from South side (Nepal) and North side (Tibet) in one climbing season.

Yoshiharu and Gyaluk Sherpa are at Camp 2 and Dawes and Phurba Namgyal Sherpa are at North Col.

Friday, 17 May 2013:

David Liano, John Tsang, Sirdar Mingma and Pasang Dawa Sherpa reached Camp 2 today and they are schedule

Rest day for Dawes Eddy, Yoshiharu, Gyaluk Sherpa and Phurba Namgyal Sherpa

Thursday, 16 May 2013:

Today Dawes Eddy, Yoshiharu Nakamura , John Tsang and David Liano moved from advance base camp to North Col. They are assisted by sirdar Mingma Sherpa, Gyaluk Sherpa, Pasang Dawa Sherpa and Phurba Namgyal sherpa.

They plan to move to Camp 2 tomorrow 17 May and to Camp 3 the following day 18 May. Summit attempt is scheduled 19th May.

Meanwhile Zoltan Bebedek has reached Everest base camp yesterday 15 May and plan to move to advance base camp tomorrow.

Monday, 13 May 2013:

Eco Everest Diamond Jubilee Celebration Expedition 2013 Team 1 Leader David Liano and HAS Samden Bhote reached the top of Mt.Everest on 11th May, at 08:05 am Nepal time and this is fourth time to the summit of Everest from the south side for both David Liano and Samde Bhote. They left at 11:15 pm on Friday, the 10th May from South Col(7950m) for summit and descent down to sleep at Camp 2. They descent from Camp 2 yesterday 12th May to base camp. David packed his things and flew by helicopter to Kathmandu

Early this morning he left to China / Tibet, hoping this year to achieve double summit of Mt. Everest. If he summits from North side (Tibet), he will be the first person to summit both South side (Nepal) and North side (Tibet) in one climbing season.


Sunday, 12 May 2013:

The climbers are moving to advance base camp where they will rest for their final summit push. Meanwhile David Liano who summitted Everest from the south side on 11th May is coming back to Kathmandu today and will travel to Nyalam tomorrow 13th May. He will travel to base camp on the 14th.

Zoltan Benedek who also summitted Shishapangma on 9th May is travelling to Everest base camp tomorrow 13 May.

Sirdar Mingma Sherpa who is leading the team will meet the two climbers at base camp and brief the climbers regarding the summit push which is planned as follows:

16 May – ABC-North Col

17 May- North Col to Camp 2

18- May- Camp 2 to Camp 3

19-May – Summit

Monday, 6 May 2013:

Dawes , Nakamura and John have completed their rotation. They reached north col on the 6th and returned back to base camp.

Thursday, 2 May 2013:

High winds on the mountains have kept the climbers rested at base camp and advance base camp. Dawes Eddy has gone down to base camp for rest and recuperation.

Nakamura and John and the sherpas are all at advance base camp and if the winds slow down, they plan to climb to ,north col and spend the night tomorrow.

Monday, 29 April 2013:

Eddy Dawes ,Yoshiharu Nakamura and Chi Sing John have successfully completed their first rotation trip to North col (7200m) today. They are coming back to advance base camp.

Thursday, 25 April 2013:

Eddy Dawes, Yoshiharu and the sherpa teams are at ABC.

Saturday, 20 April 2013:

Sherpas established Advance Base Camp at an altitude of 6500m. Expedition member John Tsang reached ABC today with Sherpa team. Eddy dawes, Yoshiharu Nakamura and Sirdar Mingma Sherpa reached Intermediate Camp 6000m and they plan to reach ABC tomorrow the 21st April.

Monday, 15 April 2013:

The team members reached base camp today and they in good health condition. The climbing sherpas set up the base camp (5200m) yesterday.

Sunday, 14 April 2013:

As per telephone conversation with our expedition sirdar Mingma Sherpa, Asian Trekking’s International Everest Expedition is acclimatizing and resting in Thingri. They are scheduled to go Everest base camp tomorrow. Asian Trekking’s staffs have left for base camp early this morning and has established base camp (5200m ) .

Saturday, 13 April 2013:

With our communication with the expedition sirdar Mingma Sherpa that they just arrive Thingri (445om). They all are arrive Thingri in good health conditions.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013:

Asian Trekking’s International Everest Expedition from Tibet side left for early this morning. The team is crossing the border to Tibet and staying at Zangmu today. They are scheduled to spend 2 nights at Nyalam and 2 nights in Thingri before reaching base camp on the 15th April.

From left to right : Gyaluk Sherpa, Sirdar Mingma Sherpa, Ang Tshering Sherpa (Chairman Asian Trekking), Dawes Eddy III – USA, John Tsang – Hongkong , Kalu Basnet, Passang Dawa Sherpa and Yoshiharu Nakamura – Japan.

Phurba Sherpa and Raj Kumar Sunuwar ( cook ) will meet them at the border. The team will be joined at base camp by 2 climbers later during the expedition.

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